The Cue System

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Learn new skills and techniques.
Enjoy restaurant level consistency.
Expand your menu.
Never mess a meal again.
I've never made scallops better than the ones i made with Hestan Cue. Then again, I've never made scallops, period.
Zachary Kaplan
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The tech will change how we cook and how we learn to cook. I'm eating my words.
Chef Jeff Mahin
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The Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System makes cooking even more foolproof, so for cooks who love tech, it's a no brainer.
Donna Currie
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“It’s kinda cheating... but it's still cooking.”
Chef cooking with Hestan Cue chefs pot
Hestan Cue burner, smart pan, and smartphone app connected
Connected to your
Smart Cooking System
Man with glasses cooking eggs on Hestan Cue smart pan
To level up
your cooking
Hestan CUE bridges the gap between the chef, and the home-cook. Cooking with chef guided Step-by-step Video Recipes that have Real-Time-Heat control, feels like your have a chef literally by your side.
600+ Step-By-Step video guided recipes.
Our chef recorded guides take your through every step at your own pace, from preparation to plating.

Guides that are connected to your cookware, CUE you to flip, season and baste your ingredients
Chef's pre-plan the time and temperature
Real-Time-Heat control gives you the magic touch of a chefs temperature control automated into every Hestan CUE recipe.

The App connects the induction burner and cookware together. Giving precise temperature feedback that adjusts in real-time as you step through recipes and add ingredients.
And get more out of your own recipes with precision temperature control.
The Hestan CUE app doesn't just execute our recipes perfectly. It enables you to get more out of your own recipes as well.

In Control mode, our chef's time & temperature guides help you dial in the exact temperature needed for perfect results, whatever you are cooking.

Precise temperature control is essential for deep frying, searing, sous vide and slow cooking.
Phone screen of Hestan Cue app precision temperature controlPhone screen of Hestan Cue app precision temperature control
Phone screen of Hestan Cue app precision temperature control
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New recipes
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Precise energy
Flipping salmon filet in Hestan Cue smart pan
Most Popular Starter System
Smart Induction Cooktop
+11" Smart Pan.
Our original and most essential smart cooking system, the 11" Pan is perfect for pan-searing steaks, chicken, fish and especially scallops.

With there 11" Pan you can cook over 350+ of the Chef Connected Hestan CUE recipes.
Free shipping, no-contact delivery.
Hestan Cue burner, chefs pot, pans, and sauce pot stacked together
Hestan Cue burner, chefs pot, pans, and sauce pot stacked together
Different recipes require different cookware. We've bundled together different burner/cookware systems depending on your appetite.
Hestan Cue smart chefs pot with lid
Hestan Cue smart chefs pot with lid
Smart cookware
Expand your recipe library by adding new smart cookware to your system.
Hestan Cue smart probe thermometer
Hestan Cue smart probe thermometer
Smart probe
Transform your system into a precision fryer / sous vide / candy machine.
Cooking steak in kitchen with Hestan Cue smart pan on GE induction stovetop and tablet running Hestan Cue app
Unlocking the power of your GE cooktop with Hestan CUE.
Searing steak with Hestan Cue system
The Cooking Probe Reimagined
Grid of different completed recipes
Our new summer recipes for 2021 have just dropped.