A Connected Cooking Experience
Connected Cookware
Hestan Cue automatically controls temperature and time of the smart pan and burner system.

Video-guided Recipes
Every step of the way, guided videos and automated temperature control enhance your cooking experience.

Remarkable Results
Cook recipes you never thought were possible and take your skills to the next level with hundreds of recipes developed by expert chefs.

A seamless cooking experience.

Our smart cookware, induction burner and recipe app all communicate with each other to work in unison with you.

Hestan Cue connects you to your cooking through Bluetooth® technology and embedded culinary sensors — adjusting the cooking temperature as you proceed through each recipe.

Your coach in the kitchen

Try new dishes. Learn new skills. Elevate your cooking without fear of overcooking — or underwhelming. Cue doesn’t cook for you. It helps you become a better cook.

Cue walks you through each step with video guidance. So even if you’ve never julienned an apple, you’ll see exactly what to do. And we’re continually updating with new recipes to elevate your cooking — step by step, dish by dish.

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