Hestan Cue allows you to cook to perfection every time, guaranteed.

After all, any gadget that can help someone like me make good fish has to be doing something right.

Michael Wolf

Step-by-step guidance through tested recipes helps ensure successes like nailing the internal temperature of a pan-seared steak.

Joe Ray

I’ve never made scallops better than the ones I made with the Hestan Cue. Then again, I’ve never made scallops, period.

Zachary Kaplan

Fully connected cooking experience.

Hestan Cue takes the guesswork out of cooking.

Our smart cookware and smart induction burner work together to automatically monitor the time and temperature of your food.

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Step-by-step cooking instructions.

Choose from hundreds of video-guided recipes, each with proven tips and techniques from our Michelin-starred chefs.

You’ll learn new skills each time you cook, while enjoying delicious dishes that you’ve always wanted to make at home. Cue doesn’t cook for you—it allows you to cook better food, more often.

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Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System

Connected Cookware

Hestan Cue automatically controls temperature and time of the smart pan and burner system.

Video-guided Recipes

Every step of the way, guided videos and automated temperature control enhance your cooking experience.

Remarkable Results

Take your skills to the next level with hundreds of recipes developed by expert chefs.

Hestan Cue allows you to be the best cook, every time you cook, guaranteed.

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