Do More – with help along the way

The Cue automatically adjusts as you work through calibrated video-guided recipes ensuring you don’t forget to add a critical ingredient or risk burning the sauce when it takes a little longer to dice the onions.

Once the Cue and recipe pair, the system will react to you and adjust the cooking process - time, temperature, and pace - as you follow the video recipe steps.

From our kitchen to yours

Try new dishes. Learn new skills. Elevate your cooking without fear of overcooking—or underwhelming. Cue walks you through each step with video guidance and expert cooking tips. Even if you’ve never made a pan sauce or basted a filet before, you’ll see exactly what to do.

Learn new culinary techniques

Sauce Making

Shallow Poaching



Pan Roasting

Recipes with range
From the kitchens of the world’s best chefs and food scientists comes a calibrated culinary library with hundreds of recipes designed just for the Hestan Cue
A recipe for every meal and every occasion.

Range of Complexity
From weeknight classics to special occasion meals.

More to come
We’re continually updating our app with new recipes to increase your culinary repertoire and elevate your cooking skills.