Plan to do more: guided and connected

The Cue automatically adapts as you work through calibrated video-guided recipes ensuring you never again forget to add the critical ingredient or risk burning the sauce when it takes a little longer to dice the onions.

Once the Cue and recipe pair, the system will react to you and adjust the cooking process - time, temperature, and pace - as you follow the video recipe steps.

Meet your coach in the kitchen

Cue is the most dynamic cookbook ever written. The recipes within our app are created by Michelin-star chefs. From the best grilled cheese on Earth to black bass with dill and caviar emulsion, Cue walks you through each step with video guidance.

One pan, many techniques

Sauce Making

Shallow Poaching



Pan Roasting

Recipes with range
From the kitchens of the world’s best chefs and food scientists comes a calibrated culinary library with hundreds of recipes designed just for the Hestan Cue
Recipes range from brunch to dessert and for all occasions.

Range of Complexity
Opportunity to explore simple to complex dishes and foods.

More Recipes, skills, and opportunities to dig deep into the culinary world to come in every software update.