Introducing the latest from our smart cooking system: the Hestan Cue Chef’s Pot. This 5.5 quart tri-ply stainless steel vessel with domed lid and embedded temperature sensors will allow you to cook more meals in different ways. Its large volume and temperature control make it perfect for feeding hungry families and elegant entertaining.
Learn New Techniques
The Chef’s Pot will expand your culinary repertoire by allowing you to master a variety of techniques such as braising, poaching, deep-frying, slow cooking, and more. Precise temperature controls allow you to confidently prepare even the most temperature sensitive recipes such as delicate custards, candies, and special fried treats.

Feed a Crowd
Recipes for the Chef’s Pot are scaled to feed four to six people and even more, so no one will go hungry with a Cue around. Cook up a quick, easy batch of Cacio e Pepe, ladle up a bowl of spicy Cajun Gumbo, or host a Hot Pot party with Cue as the centerpiece—you’ll be the life of the party and your kitchen will be the center of all things delicious.

Enjoy New Recipes
From Cioppino to Chicken Chile Verde, our recipes are thoroughly tested and then retested to ensure that you have success each time you cook on Cue. We have a growing library of dishes that are sure to become your favorites. Get inspired to cook and serve the foods you want to eat by downloading the Hestan Cue app today.

Cook Step-by-Step
Choose from hundreds of video-guided recipes, each with step-by-step instructions, tips, and techniques from our dedicated Michelin-star chefs. You’ll learn new skills each time you cook, while enjoying delicious new dishes that you’ve always wanted to make at home.