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Loukoumades (Greek Honey Fritters)

Loukoumades (Greek Honey Fritters)

Easier than doughnuts but just as delightful, these fritters from Chef Elias Cairo of Olympia Provisions in Portland, OR satisfy any sweet tooth. Just drop the batter into the hot oil by the spoonful then top with a syrup of honey, lemon juice, cinnamon and walnuts.


For the Loukoumades: 4 cups (960 mL) Canola Oil ½ cup (120  mL) Water ½ cup (2 grams) Active Dry Yeast 1 ½ cup (180 grams) All Purpose Flour ½ tsp (1.5 grams) Kosher Salt ½ cup (120  mL) Whole Milk, lukewarm For the Honey Syrup: 1 Tbsp (15 mL) Water, very hot 2 cup (118 grams) Thyme Honey (or regular) 1 tsp (5 mL) Lemon Juice 1 tsp (1 gram) Ground Cinnamon For the Garnish: 1 Tbsp (7 grams) Sesame Seeds, toasted 2 Tbsp (18 grams) Chopped Walnuts, toasted Ground Cinnamon (as needed)   The complete recipe, with video-guided instructions and automatic temperature control, is available when using the Hestan Cue app with Hestan Cue cookware.

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