Electrical Engineer – Power Systems
Seattle, WA

You are a highly motivated Electrical Engineer who loves nothing more than seeing products you helped design and build change the lives of everyday consumers. You are looking for a small, smart and fast-moving team where everyone makes a difference every day. We are that team.

We have an opening for an EE with experience designing high-frequency power switching systems using MOSFETs, IGBTs, ZVS, ZCS, and related technologies, with a good understanding of how to use digital control systems to manage them. Electromagnetic design and modeling is also a plus. Fundamental knowledge of embedded C/C++ programming is also highly desirable, particularly at the low-level hardware/software interface and control systems level. If there is a new technology out there that could make our product better, you are eager to learn it and figure out how to apply it.

Our team is small and cross-functional. You will work on many parts of each product you are involved in. You will select components, produce schematics, build and test prototypes, and lay out production boards. You will also work with component vendors and contract manufacturers to ensure we deliver the best possible product to our customers.

You will get a chance to not just make engineering decisions, but drive product direction by interacting with industrial designers, mechanical engineers, marketers, product managers, digital electronics engineers, software engineers, and executives. There is some travel, mostly up and down the west coast. We have team members on the ground overseas, so it will not be necessary for you to travel internationally on anything more than an occasional basis.

If that sounds interesting, send your LinkedIn profile or resume to jobs@hestancue.com

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